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April 4, 6 pm

An Evening With Three Authors:

Jess Lourey, Rebecca Keller and Cara Black

604 West 26th Street, Mpls, MN 

Once upon a Crime



April 6, 7 pm



Authors on Tap: Rebecca Keller and Tracy Clark
10 S. Michigan Ave, 2nd floor of the historic Fine Arts Building

Exile In Bookville Launch




April 23
PRAIRIE LIGHTS  in Iowa City!!! With Abby Geni!!
So psyched this is happening!  Details soon.


April 1- May 7, Opening reception April 15 1-5 pm
 All the Water that Ever Was, Now Is
 Evanston Art Center

All the Water That Ever Was, Now Is
Comprised of large paintings, a sculptural installation, research into agencies that care for our water, and demographic data of the communities that share Lake Michigan water accessible via QR codes, All The Water That Ever Was, Now Is engages the idea of water as a commons, a contended resource and a mutual responsibility. The dialogue touches on livelihoods, access, pollution, wealth, ownership, usage, climate change and fears and obligations for the future.


In the coming months I'm going to be a guest on several podcasts (details to follow as drop dates become finalized).


Turn the Page
The official podcast from the Syosset public library in Long Island! (I love librarians!)

Turn The Page

Game of Books
 Game of Books, a podcast where you can get valuable writing information and follow along on the journey to conquer the World of Publishing.  Game of Books


Late Bloomer Living
Reimagine your future! Create a better life!

Late Bloomer Living



A Bookable Space with Yvonne Battle-Felton
 A Bookable Space is your audio literary salon. Each episode features writers delivering three engaging readings and answering three interesting questions. Hosted by Yvonne Battle-Felton, author of Remembered. 

A Bookable Space


Carter Wilson's Making It Up
In this conversation series USA today best selling author talks with writers of all backgrounds in order to find out why they do what they do...childhood influences, roots of creativity, luck and loss, tools of the craft, and the highs and lows of publishing. At the end of the conversation, a random sentence from a random book is used it to create an impromptu short story. Carter Wilson's Making It Up


Kris Clink's The Writing Table 
A podcast for writers and book lovers. Whether you're a newbie-author or a reader, pull up a chair and learn from established authors, publicists, bloggers, and creatives. There is always room at the writing table. 

The Writing Table




Look for upcoming articles in Writer's Digest on "How to keep readers connected when your protagonist does something reprehensible" and in CrimeReads (sister publication of LitHub) on a special reading list roundup.  Details coming soon!