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You Should Have Known

When sharp, funny and compassionate Frannie Greene --a retired nurse--moves into a senior living apartment, she finds a compelling friendship with her new neighbor Katherine, only to discover that Katherine is married to the judge Frannie believes is implicated in the death of her beloved granddaughter.

Observing the medication cart sparks Frannie’s darkest imagination, and her desire for revenge combines with her medical expertise. In one dreadful, impulsive moment, she tampers with the medicine. However, the next day, someone is dead and Frannie realizes the gravity of what she’s done.

The police get involved, and suspicions gather around a worker Frannie knows to be innocent. Wracked with remorse, Frannie’s anxiety becomes unbearable. As she struggles to make it right, Frannie begins to see that things are more complicated than they seem. In trying to figure out the whole truth—and exonerate the innocent-- she uncovers a crime no one suspected, and recognizes her own capacity for both wrongdoing and redemption.

She’s spent years aching for accountability from people in power. Is she the one who now needs to be held culpable? What really happened that night?

Praise for You Should Have Known:
“Who cares about the gentle death of an elderly woman in a retirement community? You will—desperately—as you dive into the marvelous mystery at the heart of You Should Have Known. This book kept me up past my bedtime, frantically turning pages, shocked and delighted by each new twist.”

—Abby Geni, The Wildlands, The Lightkeepers, Barnes & Noble Discover Award and the Chicago Review of Books Awards



"This book winds and uncoils like a spring. Keenly observed, bittersweet and wise—like getting coffee with a lifelong friend. You should be reading!"

—Eliza Nellums, author of All That's Bright and Gone and The Bone Cay